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GPA UPGRADED HOMES LTD is an international construction and developing company with head offices located in Limassol, Cyprus and branch offices in United Kingdom and South Africa. Our services include all actions required for design, construction and maintenance of a property, including Design & Build Services, Construction Management, Constructions Services, and Property Upgrades.

Our dynamic is based on the standards by which we hold our staff, select our suppliers and treat our projects! Reliability of the materials used is the key to our high end delivery commitment and the dedication and integrity of the people in the team is the characteristic that makes the distinction.

Our deep understanding and knowledge of the development industry also enables us to evolve through the changing real estate landscape and have the ability to adapt to unique projects according to our clients’ needs. We set ourselves the challenge of constantly push our boundaries to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver quality products.

Our core Values are the guiding principles behind our company’s culture. Ethics, Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Health and Safety and Environment are some of the main aspects that as a team we strive to achieve and maintain throughout our operations. Our Vision is to be the partner of choice for customers across the market of Europe and the rest of the world.

Our Team

Georgia Stavrinou
CEO & Managing Director

Georgia is the founding principal of GPA Upgraded Homes and she is accountable for the strategic direction of our company. After receiving her degree on architectural design she spent the early part of her career working with major architectural offices. Georgia has over 20 years of experience as a Human Recourses Manager in the real estate and development sector as well as the interior design of real estate projects.

Athena Anastasiou
Civil Engineer & Operations Manager

A committed civil engineer and a natural team builder, Athena is responsible for ensuring the team is best handling the complexities of construction with the appropriate oversight. She plays a significant role in the decision making process of GPA Upgraded Homes as well as the work coordination at the construction sites including: Schedule Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Assignment of Contractors and Subcontractors.

Giorgos Panayi
Site Civil Engineer

Giorgos is experienced with site’s day-to-day coordination and supervision in order to ensure our projects’ highest quality results. He focuses on guiding our development group through the project design process to ensure our company’s design and quality standards are met across all projects. Giorgos has also been instrumental for the creation of lasting and mutually respectful relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

Evripides Evripidou
Construction Foreman

Mr.Evripides brings more than 30 years of development experience to our team and is an integral part of the company’s success. The breadth of his experience exceeds all sizes and scales from the construction of public projects to single family homes. Mr.Sofoklis has also been supervising the construction of large scale developments in Cyprus and abroad providing him with conceptual expertise to develop unique solutions for each site.

Construction Team

The construction team is the heart and soul of GPA Upgraded Homes. A team of highly motivated and experienced workers with a diverse construction background, ready to deal with any challenge.

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